Cold Chain Logistics | Chilled Storage | Packing House

We provide cold chain logistics services in Singapore to wholesalers and retailers. CST operates eight independent 1,000-sq. ft. multi-temperature-controlled chilled storage rooms for the Fruits and Vegetable industry. Each room is equipped temperature monitoring system that monitors, logs and warn the operators of any abnormal room temperature every 10 minutes. A number of the rooms are also equipped with Ethylene gas remover for optimum storage condition for your products.

  • 8 Individual temperature controlled 1,000 sq-ft room
  • 10-minutes live temperature monitoring and reporting
  • Controlled Temperature Picking & Packing
  • ISO22000 Certified
  • Refrigerated Truck delivery
  • Power-Plugin points for Refrigerated Containers

What Is Cold Chain Logistics?

Cold chain logistics (also referred to as chill chain logistics) is the transport of temperature-controlled goods, such as temperature-sensitive foods, beverages, and bio-pharmaceutical products. These temperature-sensitive products must be kept at a consistent, specific temperature or temperature range throughout their lifecycle. A rise or fall of temperature during any supply chain phase can spell disaster for the goods.

Cold chain logistics serves to keep the temperature for these goods at a constant throughout the transportation phase of the cycle. It involves correct packaging, proper transportation equipment, carefully chosen transportation routes, perfect timing, and visibility to ensure that what was expected is what happened.

Why Is Cold Chain Logistics Important?

Growers, manufacturers, and suppliers of temperature-sensitive products, such as dairy products, fruit and vegetables and certain medications, are taking heed. They understand how critical it is to keep these products at a set temperature for the duration of the sales cycle. Some products can withstand temperature fluctuations, while others become unsafe with even the smallest deviation.

Plenty is at risk when temperature-sensitive products experience environmental shifts. Quality, flavor, consistency, efficacy, and safety are all on the line. Cold chain logistics can help minimize the threat for such deviations and give these manufacturers and suppliers better control over their products every step of the way.