Cold Chain Logistics | Chilled Storage | Packing House

We offer wholesalers and retailers in Singapore cold chain logistics services. For the fruits and vegetable business, CST runs eight separate 1,000 square foot multi-temperature controlled cold storage rooms. Every room has a temperature monitoring system that records, tracks, and alerts the operators every 10 minutes if any of the room temperatures are anomalous. For the best storage conditions for your products, a few of the rooms also have ethylene gas removers.

  • 8 Individual temperature controlled 1,000 sq-ft room
  • 10-minutes live temperature monitoring and reporting
  • Controlled Temperature Picking & Packing
  • ISO22000 Certified
  • Refrigerated Truck delivery
  • Power-Plugin points for Refrigerated Containers

What Is Cold Chain Logistics?

Transport of temperature-controlled commodities, such as temperature-sensitive foods, drinks, and bio-pharmaceutical products, is known as cold chain logistics (sometimes referred to as chill chain logistics).

Throughout their entire lifespan, these temperature-sensitive goods must be maintained at a constant, predetermined temperature or temperature range. Any phase of the supply chain might be disastrous for the goods if the temperature increases or decreases.During the transit stage of the cycle, cold chain logistics works to maintain a steady temperature for these products. In order to guarantee that what was anticipated actually occurred, it requires excellent packaging, appropriate transportation equipment, carefully selected transit routes, ideal timing, and visibility.

Why Is Cold Chain Logistics Important?

Temperature-sensitive products, such as dairy, fruits and vegetables, and some pharmaceuticals, necessitate continuous monitoring by farmers, manufacturers, and suppliers. Temperature consistency throughout the sales cycle is critical to maintaining the quality, flavor, efficacy, and safety of these products. While certain goods can withstand temperature swings, others can become dangerous with even little changes. Such aberrations can have serious repercussions. Cold chain logistics mitigates these risks and gives manufacturers and suppliers greater control over their products at every level of the process.