Sep 20

CST supports Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council's - Slips, Trips and Falls (STF) Campaign 2020

National WSH Campaigns - Slips, Trips and Falls Campaign 2020

Extracted from WSHCouncil STFs Campaign 2020

“… The STF Campaign for the L&T Sector focuses on raising awareness of good practices on entering/exiting heavy vehicle cabin safely, to prevent STF incidents.

In support of the L&T Sector, the WSH Council produced a Campaign video and sticker targeted at heavy vehicle drivers. Mr Dave Ng, Co-Chairman of the WSH Council (Logistics and Transport) Committee, shared that the sticker will remind “heavy vehicle drivers of the importance of WSH when getting into and out of their heavy vehicle cabins”. This sticker will be placed on the cabin door as a reminder to drivers to maintain a 3-point contact when accessing and egressing from their heavy vehicle cabin.

The Campaign video was supported by three SMEs in the L&T sector, namely CST Container Services Pte Ltd, …”