• 20
    Jun 22

    CST is now ISO22000:2018 Food Safety Management System certified.

    Posted On: 20 Jun 22

    ISO 22000 helps organizations minimize food risks and improve performance as it relates to food safety. Minimizing food risks leads to better health and safety outcomes for customers, other users, employees and others who may come into contact with food. CST has always been dedicated to maximizi...

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  • 04
    Feb 22

    CST's Driver awarded “Most Safety-conscious Driver” Award

    Posted On: 04 Feb 22

    " PSA X SLA Presents “Most Safety-conscious Driver” Award As part of our efforts to promote and inculcate safe driving habits amongst our logistics community, PSA together with SLA co-sponsors the “Most Safety-conscious Driver” Award every year. The award winners were announced at the Heal...

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  • 06
    Nov 21

    CST strong on processes

    Posted On: 06 Nov 21

    CST is strong in their process and delivery. Our warehouse team had transformed our MNC customer's requirements into a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that met international standard. CST had provided this MNC customer with full 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) inclusive of Container Haulage, Cargo Hand...

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  • 22
    Apr 21

    All ready for Habuan distribution

    Posted On: 22 Apr 21

    Member of Parliament (MP) for Radin Mas SMC Mr Melvin Yong join CST to prepare care packs for an upcoming Habuan distribution to vulnerable Muslim families in the Radin Mas Constituency. Many thanks to the network of generous sponsors from Jamiyah Singapore and MoCa - Moulmein-Cairnhill for provid...

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  • 28
    Dec 20

    CST giving back.

    Posted On: 28 Dec 20

    CST aspire to do well, but above and beyond that, we also have a responsibility to do good— that’s the underlying principle of corporate social responsibility (CSR). During this tough period and pandemic situation, CST and staff used their core competency to help the more needy side of our socie...

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  • 22
    Oct 20

    CST awarded Safest Logistics/Transport Company Award in LTA Annual Safety Award Convention 2020

    Posted On: 22 Oct 20

    Extracted from LTA Annual Safety Award Convention : "The Annual SHE Award Convention (ASAC), inaugurated in 1999, recognises our (LTA) contractors, public transportation operators and partners that are proactive and successful in promoting safe work practices at their work sites; ensure high stan...

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  • 10
    Sep 20

    CST supports Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council's - Slips, Trips and Falls (STF) Campaign 2020

    Posted On: 10 Sep 20

    Extracted from WSHCouncil STFs Campaign 2020 "... The STF Campaign for the L&T Sector focuses on raising awareness of good practices on entering/exiting heavy vehicle cabin safely, to prevent STF incidents. In support of the L&T Sector, the WSH Council produced a Campaign video and sti...

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  • 01
    Feb 20

    CST into Chilled Logistics | Chilled Storage | Temperature Controlled Storage

    Posted On: 01 Feb 20

    With the new CST building, 4 insulated rooms was built with the volumetric capacity of  2,200 m3 and capability to chilled down to 1 degree Celsius. This path the way for CST to venture into Chilled Supply Chain for Fruits, Vegetables, Wines, Cosmetics.

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  • 02
    Jan 20

    CST gone thru 6 million units in Retail Logistics | 3PL

    Posted On: 02 Jan 20

    In 2019, CST had processed 6 million units of merchandised from 30+ major brands. As a 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) services provider CST handled the importation of these units from oversea manufacturers via Shipping Containers trucked by CST into our warehouse, unloading and in-bound processing with v...

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  • 12
    Oct 19

    Official Opening of CST's New Facilities at 20 Chia Ping Road

    Posted On: 12 Oct 19

    An exciting day for CST. Our brand new opening is officially open on 12 Oct 2019. 10 Lions and 6 Dragons Dance performance by Jin Ann Sports Association were witnessed by 400 invited guest.

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  • 06
    Oct 19

    CST turn 60

    Posted On: 06 Oct 19

    Established in 1959, CST is now officially 60 and into the 3rd generations.

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  • 15
    Apr 18

    CST ventures into Retail Logistics

    Posted On: 15 Apr 18

    One of the most prestigious specialist retailers in Southeast Asia needed a reliable domestic supply chain for its 70+ stores in Singapore. CST’s logistics expertise in cargo movement allowed us to reduce their supply chain costs, shorten order lead time and ensure order fulfillment, and provide a...

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